Elizabeth Riley Turning in her nomination papers

Listen to Elizabeth’s October 28, 2022 Newsmakers NPR Interview here.

I am Elizabeth Riley, and I am running to represent the 87th Assembly District because I believe I can serve the people of this district better than our current representative.  Anyone who follows local politics knows that this is not my first time running for this seat–in fact, this is my fourth try.  I hope that you will take that as an indication of my persistence and my determination to serve you.

We live in a mostly-Republican district.  It was deliberately and cynically drawn that way.  As I went door to door gathering signatures for my nomination papers, I did get many flat refusals along the lines of “I would never vote for a Democrat. Get off my property.”  However, I also met many Republicans who don’t like the big-government, hard-right direction their party has taken; how it seems to only serve the interests of corporations, and in many cases, out-of-state or foreign corporations.  They can see that our environment–our source of life and livelihood–is being destroyed for short-term profits.  They see the Republican state legislature meddling more and more in county, city, and town affairs.  They recognize when they’re being manipulated by “culture war” propaganda to direct their attention away from the most vital issues. They see our current state legislature taking healthcare decisions away from women in an astounding overreach in their zeal to control women. They are horrified by their former Party’s refusal to do anything to help our children and grandchildren stay safe in school.  They know that today’s Republican party is not the same party that their parents voted for, and not even the same one they knew fifteen years ago.  The good news is that there is room for everyone in the Democratic party, who support the inclusion of all people, and welcome viewpoints as varied as people in the district.

These difficult times call for a new kind of leadership.  Even though it is the kind of leadership the framers of our Constitution imagined 230 years ago, I call it “new” because it doesn’t seem to exist anymore, if it ever did.  It’s leadership that comes from the people.  It gets its ideas, its interests, short- and long-term goals, and yes, even its funding, from the people it is supposed to represent and serve.

I will keep reaching out to the people of our district to meet them and to learn their concerns and goals.  I will keep fighting to give them the best representation I can.  I don’t give up easily.

Elizabeth’s October 28, 2022 Newsmakers NPR Interview starts around 32 mins.

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To all of you who have donated to my campaign—a hearty thank you! And we still have a long way to go. Our campaign relies on small dollar donations from people like you, and our average contribution is around $21. This is our toughest race yet and every dollar makes a difference as we work hard to reach voters all across the Wisconsin 87th! Can you chip in $10, $23, or whatever you can afford today to help us get Elizabeth Riley into the Wisconsin Assembly? We are here for you! Help us get there for you.

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