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We now know the lengths to which Republicans will go to take freedom away from women in an effort to subjugate them.  Right-wing radicals, as the Republicans in the Wisconsin state legislature are, have extreme views on abortion that are outside of the mainstream of most of America.  It is well past the time to loudly refute Republican lies regarding their positions on abortion and women’s health care.  Look no further  than a former corrupt president’s equally corrupt Supreme Court.  Make no mistake, Republicans want to take away contraception, mammograms, all of female health care as well as throw doctors and women in jail.

Wisconsin Republicans  have spent years campaigning on overturning Roe v. Wade, and now they’ve done it.  The minority-rule GOP was able to put in place new, cruel, and punishing restrictions on women and health care providers.  

This action by Republicans has forced the women of this country to second-class citizenship. Mara Gay, from the editorial board of the New York Times says it brilliantly: “it has stripped us of autonomy over our own bodies and denied us essential health care. Now the people behind it are betting that our sense of hopelessness will paralyze us, allowing them to carry out their repressed vision of America without resistance.”

Nothing can change the fact that Republicans are grossly out of step with the voters that will decide the 2022 election, and it will lead their campaigns to defeat.

Come on, voters.  Don’t let them get away with this. 

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